Thursday, July 9, 2009

Got Shtuff on my mind...

  • I'm anxious to move back in with brandon. I want to be able to see him, and talk to him more than jus through texts, and I don't like talking on the phone.
  • I'm really excited for our california trip in decemberr!!! It's going to be cold, amazing & fun. We're going to San Diego zoo, Sea world, Universal Studios, Disneyland & California Adventures!!! SO excited!
  • Brandon is going to be a groomsmen in his cousins wedding...Yay!!! I'll get to see him in a tux, even though he's not liking the idea, I'm excited for their wedding...and the reception too!
  • I'm trying REALLY hard to potty train madyn, but it's not sticking. He is way too much like me, and wants to do things on his own time. He just turned three on monday & I don't want it to take until he's FOUR to stick.
  • I......hate.......the........HEAT!!!! It's absolutley insane for it to be over 100 degrees. Bleck.
  • Somehow we managed to get a nail in our back right rear tire & a screw in our back left tire. So now we need to go get TWO new tires when we can finally hold on to $$$. I think someone is messing with us. We just replaced the right rear tire in april, because of the saaame reason...Why the HECK would anyone do that?! Grr..mean people!
  • I'm lightheaded..i think i need sleep. but I can't sleep. Gr.

I guess I should call it a "night" before the sun comes up in the morning...