Thursday, January 21, 2010

Success in the kitchen!

So my goal this month was to start cooking a LOT more and when we went grocery shopping I bought things that I'd be able to cook! This week was the week I started working towards completing that goal. Starting tuesday morning I cooked pigs in a blanket, tuesday night I cooked biscuits & gravy. Wednesday night I cooked Chicken Tenders, Green Beans & Fettucini alfredo, and then tonight I cooked something simple, Potatoes stroganoff(hamburger helper) & corn.

I am SO proud of myself. To some this must be no great accomplishment, but to me, it is. My fiance is normally the one who cooks so to be able to provide him with a home cooked meal every night when he gets home is something I treasure. It's fun because I don't tell him what I'm fixing him for dinner that night, he gets home and it's either done or nearly finished, and he doesn't have to do anything!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Since I am home mon-friday by myself with Madyn, I have all day long to eat whatever I want to and whenever I want. I feel like I am gaining weight, but I don't have an accurate scale, and I have no way of exercising until after my fiance gets home which is late. Right now when he gets home its dark outside, and there's no way that I will walk by myself to the front of the apartment complex to do any exercising. Basically I'm in a predicament. I want badly to lose weight. I want to be down to about 125-120ish. . . I'm a lil heavier then that though.

Brandon likes to poke my tummy whenever I'm sitting down, and even though he's trying to be playful. . . It still hurts me inside. I have worked really hard to try and keep my weight down after having Madyn 3 years ago, and I don't want that to change.

What can I do to lose weight? I don't over indulge in "bad" foods, I'm only drinking diet sodas. I've also started drinking a lot more milk lately too.

Basically if you have any suggestions. . . I'm all ears!!!!*or eyes* :P

(: READ ME :)

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It's a valentines felt garland. Each heart is stitched together by a sewing machine. It makes a great decoration!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Larger than life!

Yes, I am talking about the backstreet boys song "Larger than life!" I'm listening to Pandora radio right now and it came on!

It instantly brought back high school memories. I remember one morning before our band/colorguard competition we (the guard--9 of us!) all got into my friends SUV and BLASTED backstreet boys "larger than life" and drove to QT (quicktrip) to get energy drinks!! It was so much fun!!!

And right now I'm talking to one of my friends that I met freshmen year of high school. It just hit me how much I miss my freshmen year of high school at times.

High school shaped my life mostly. It was in high school that I experienced heart break, and it was in high school when I first started learning to drive. A lot of stuff happened in high school and changed my view on some things. I am glad that I experienced everything that I did in high school.

I was almost a senior when I had my beautiful baby boy. My "Rei" of sunshine. Given the chance to go back I would decline.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's 2010! I've got a new blog on wordpress that I'm doing a 365 project on! Each day I am posting a picture that I have taken that day. If you'd like to follow me there my link is:

Our Christmas was wonderful, and my new years was amazing. I enjoyed 2 strawberry margaritas and a glass of champagne. Madyn crashed early and it was just adults playing video games until midnight. At midnight we celebrated with a glass of champagne and some noise makers and lil firecracker things in the back yard.

I think this year will truely be an amazing year!! :)