Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Larger than life!

Yes, I am talking about the backstreet boys song "Larger than life!" I'm listening to Pandora radio right now and it came on!

It instantly brought back high school memories. I remember one morning before our band/colorguard competition we (the guard--9 of us!) all got into my friends SUV and BLASTED backstreet boys "larger than life" and drove to QT (quicktrip) to get energy drinks!! It was so much fun!!!

And right now I'm talking to one of my friends that I met freshmen year of high school. It just hit me how much I miss my freshmen year of high school at times.

High school shaped my life mostly. It was in high school that I experienced heart break, and it was in high school when I first started learning to drive. A lot of stuff happened in high school and changed my view on some things. I am glad that I experienced everything that I did in high school.

I was almost a senior when I had my beautiful baby boy. My "Rei" of sunshine. Given the chance to go back I would decline.


WhisperingWriter said...

In high school I was pretty quiet. I brought a book to prom. It's a wonder why I wasn't beat up every day.

Kristi said...

I heart The Backstreet Boys!