Thursday, January 21, 2010

Success in the kitchen!

So my goal this month was to start cooking a LOT more and when we went grocery shopping I bought things that I'd be able to cook! This week was the week I started working towards completing that goal. Starting tuesday morning I cooked pigs in a blanket, tuesday night I cooked biscuits & gravy. Wednesday night I cooked Chicken Tenders, Green Beans & Fettucini alfredo, and then tonight I cooked something simple, Potatoes stroganoff(hamburger helper) & corn.

I am SO proud of myself. To some this must be no great accomplishment, but to me, it is. My fiance is normally the one who cooks so to be able to provide him with a home cooked meal every night when he gets home is something I treasure. It's fun because I don't tell him what I'm fixing him for dinner that night, he gets home and it's either done or nearly finished, and he doesn't have to do anything!


WhisperingWriter said...


I am jealous that your fiance cooks.

Manda said...

He cooks more than I do! :-O