Thursday, March 29, 2012

Big update!!

Life is really good right now! In fact my theme song right now would have to be "Walking on sunshine"

Madyn is doing better in school. His reading is phenomenal!! It seems he can read just about any word he wants to now. I say it like that because if he doesn't feel like reading a word he won't. He's still got his stubborness to him. I honestly don't think he will ever change that. I am hoping it will dial back some but not holding out much hope as he is my child. ;)

We had his spring parent/teacher conference on March 22. He's doing well. Could still use improvement in some areas, but I'm happy with his progress. I know he's never going to be the straight A's kinda kid, though we do push him to do his best with everything he is given. Only 7 more weeks until my baby is in first grade! My goodness where has this year gone??!

Moving on...

We booked our wedding venue. We will be married on December 9, 2012!!! I can't express how truely excited I am! After 4 years of being engaged I am looking forward to saying "my husband"!!

I'll be keeping you updated for sure!

I'm about 3 weeks away from having a car finally! Also very excited for this. I'm hoping that this summer I am able to actually do things with Madyn instead of staying at home all the time! I'm going to get a jar of some sort and fill it with activities that we can do. Each day will be something different.

This is what's been going on since I've last written.