Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's just not that into you....

Friday as we were getting ready to leave and run our errands for the day this movie came on (He's just not that into you) and at about 10 minutes into the movie we realized we had to leave! So...we recorded it and saved it for another day. Which happened to be last night! After we put Madyn in bed we put this movie on. I loved it. Yes, it was pretty much just like any other chick flick but I loved it. I was also really enjoying having my honey watch it with me!

Today however is off to a very rough start. Madyn's being a pain. I've already had to take two of his toys away which is not making him happy at all, but I want him to know that it is NOT okay to throw toys, or  punch your mother! He currently is screaming like he was beaten (which sucks because we live in an apartment with neighbors really nearby to our apartment) and I had the windows open until he started this tantrum.

I'm starting to think that age 3 is worse than age 2, because at least age 2 they didn't know how to talk quite as much and they are still taking possibly 2 naps a day. I am seriously counting down the days until he is 4! Hopefully things will go well and I'll be able to get him into a headstart *(preschool)* in the fall so I can get a day job during the week!

Anyways. Things have calmed down now so I'm going to go enjoy playing a game with him...or we may just go outside and play. I love arizona right now!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey it’s okay…

I stole this idea from another fellow blogger who stole the idea from Glamour  Magazine!

to not read the articles about “what your baby should be doing” because you know that your child is NOT following the trend and does things their own way and probably always will!

to want to cook a full meal every day of the week

to not cook every day of the week, even though you have the desire to do so.

to love nick jr simply because it keeps your toddler entertained …And its educational too!

to take 50 pictures of your son in one day!

to sleep when there’s nothing else to do!

to want a baby girl…just so you can buy the most lacey, frilly, girly things ever!

to change your twitter/facebook/myspace status whenever you’re doing something different!


Today has been a very nice relaxing day. Madyn took a nice two hour nap again today which will definitely be nice for when his daddy gets home! Hopefully there won’t be any crankies around here tonight!

We went and played golf outside for about an hour, and we ran and jumped and climbed on trees. I hope that he always enjoys playing outside!

Nothing really new happened so far today, but I just wanted to make sure I updated you guys!



He loves golfing…Just like his daddy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

So Exhausting

This month has been full of fun, but tiring events. The most recent one being the wedding of Brandon’s cousin this past weekend. We had so much fun and I really enjoyed being able to attend it. Madyn behaved pretty well, we made it through the ceremony without him yelling out or making a scene so woohoo for that one! The ceremony was beautiful and so was the reception! I wish them many years of happiness!


Congrats Ryan & Sarah!!




Us at the reception. I loved seeing Brandon in a tux and Madyn in his suit. He is getting SO big :(.

Brandon’s mom made Madyn’s suit!!! :D

Anyways that’s a little of what’s been going on here. Next month shouldn’t be TOO busy so hopefully I'll be able to update more frequently!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!!!

I'm stealing this idea from a fellow blogger who got the idea from Glamour magazine!!! They have a section called "Hey, It's okay" and they list a bunch of things to be okay about. I will try to start doing this every tuesday!

Hey it's Okay...

to not want to get out of bed until 8 am, so that you don't forget to take the birth control!

to stay in your jammies until 3 pm or later, if you have nowhere to be!

to rearrange the furnature frequently!

to hog the blankets in bed at night!

to not want to get rid of the baby clothes because you may have another baby down the line that could wear them. (because those clothes are too expensive!)

to be blogging when you should be doing the dishes, the laundry or cleaning the bathroom! :/