Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey it’s okay…

I stole this idea from another fellow blogger who stole the idea from Glamour  Magazine!

to not read the articles about “what your baby should be doing” because you know that your child is NOT following the trend and does things their own way and probably always will!

to want to cook a full meal every day of the week

to not cook every day of the week, even though you have the desire to do so.

to love nick jr simply because it keeps your toddler entertained …And its educational too!

to take 50 pictures of your son in one day!

to sleep when there’s nothing else to do!

to want a baby girl…just so you can buy the most lacey, frilly, girly things ever!

to change your twitter/facebook/myspace status whenever you’re doing something different!


Today has been a very nice relaxing day. Madyn took a nice two hour nap again today which will definitely be nice for when his daddy gets home! Hopefully there won’t be any crankies around here tonight!

We went and played golf outside for about an hour, and we ran and jumped and climbed on trees. I hope that he always enjoys playing outside!

Nothing really new happened so far today, but I just wanted to make sure I updated you guys!



He loves golfing…Just like his daddy!

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