Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's just not that into you....

Friday as we were getting ready to leave and run our errands for the day this movie came on (He's just not that into you) and at about 10 minutes into the movie we realized we had to leave! So...we recorded it and saved it for another day. Which happened to be last night! After we put Madyn in bed we put this movie on. I loved it. Yes, it was pretty much just like any other chick flick but I loved it. I was also really enjoying having my honey watch it with me!

Today however is off to a very rough start. Madyn's being a pain. I've already had to take two of his toys away which is not making him happy at all, but I want him to know that it is NOT okay to throw toys, or  punch your mother! He currently is screaming like he was beaten (which sucks because we live in an apartment with neighbors really nearby to our apartment) and I had the windows open until he started this tantrum.

I'm starting to think that age 3 is worse than age 2, because at least age 2 they didn't know how to talk quite as much and they are still taking possibly 2 naps a day. I am seriously counting down the days until he is 4! Hopefully things will go well and I'll be able to get him into a headstart *(preschool)* in the fall so I can get a day job during the week!

Anyways. Things have calmed down now so I'm going to go enjoy playing a game with him...or we may just go outside and play. I love arizona right now!

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