Sunday, January 29, 2012

A month already?

Has it already almost been a month since 2012 came upon us?!

Madyn has been back in school since the second week of January. He started off the semester doing amazing with blues/oranges and purples, however last week he had a rough week. Lots of reds/yellows.
I'm starting to think his body is building an immunity to the medicine? Is that even possible? I dunno, maybe it was just bad luck for him.

Last week was my 23rd birthday! We had a great day. I was able to relax and take it easy during the day. My sister came to see me! YAY!


And of course they brought my sweet niece DiAnna-Jo!

(Love You DiAnna-Jo)

After my boys got home from work/school we went to Chili's for my birthday dinner. I love this restaraunt! Their food is amazing! They just remodeled the ones here in Arizona and it's way  more modern! I love the look and feel.
After dinner we came home and had some cake!

I love how he wrote "mommy" on my cake. <3 There's no other name I'd rather be called!

Anyways, can't believe it's already almost a month into the second semester! Here's hoping his year gets better!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

So I realized I kinda fell off the blogging track after Madyn had been in school for a month. Good news is I'm going to start blogging more this year. Though it may be hard because I have many events / vacations this year.

My first vacation is next month. February 24th we'll be leaving to go to Legoland! :D SO excited for this trip as we've never been there! Not even my fiance! A first for our family. We are all really excited and the weather should be gorgeous!!!

The next vacation is when my soon to be brother in law gets married in April!! He's getting married in Las Vegas. Excited to go back to vegas, however we'll have Madyn with us this trip so it will be more family oriented trip. Still excited though. Especially for Madyn to be able to come with us on this trip!

Our last vacation of the year will be in December when we get Married! :D YES! You read that right. We are finally going to get Married. It will be at the Grand Californian resort at Disneyland! :D We can't book our date/sign our contract until June but we know this is what we are doing and we're both equally excited. The package we're doing is only for 20 people including the Bride & Groom so it will be our immediate family only. However, we are going to have a celebratory lunch reception when we get home so the rest of our friends/family can celebrate with us. This is the most exciting vacation for me.

Since September 1, 2007 I have dreamed about saying those two words "I Do" to Brandon, and this year. I will at last be his Mrs.

So yes this year will be very exciting! :)