Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family night!

I worked today from 9-4 and after work I came home to my boys as usual. Tonight was pizza night for dinner. I loved not having to cook tonight and that I was able to spend more time with the boys versus cooking.

After dinner Madyn and I enjoyed some coloring/activity pages out of his cars coloring/activity book. We also played with legos, and had a tickle war.

I love his little hands. They are SO much like my own.

When I went into his room, I found his robot with a mr potato head hat on and monkeys hanging from his hand. :P Silly Madyn!!

Currently he's bathing himself and I'm sitting in the bathroom. He is a fish and probably would spend his day entirely in the bathroom if I'd let him!

I have two days of work left and then I'm off for 6 days. Partially because I'm going to lego land but also because we're short on hours this week!! I will soak up every minute of time with my boys for sure!

Anyways, time to get my fish out of the water!

Night all!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Goldilocks and the 3 sodas: September 9, 2006

·         Okay so lemme just say...


..First was the first game I had marched, it was an away game. We played Marcos De Niza. (boo) lol. uhm. we lost 9-5, but it was still a kick ass game. I feel like the show went well, but it would've been better had we (the colorguard) been able to do the routine (we're not that far yet ). After their band performed we got to meet their colorguard, and their colorguard ROCKS!!! I love them! We all sat down on the track in a GIANT circle and just hung out and talked and stuff...Then their instructor came over and was teaching us some new stuff...It was SO much fun. "5,6,7,8...DUT, DUT, DUT, DUT...ETC. SQUEEZE"
"Guard Right shoulder"...and spin flips..or something like that, basically for you non guardies are like different angles. Uhm. After that we went and stood back on the track for the rest of the game. Our crowd was AMAZINGLY spirited! Our football team was telling us to "cut it off" though..Which actually confused me lol. We were just showing our support!!! anywhos, after the game we gave Alle (<3) a ride home and my mom took my sister and I to get food, well first we went to the taco bell on 67th and peoria. yeah, the line was WAY too long, so then we went to the mcdonalds across the street...that line wasn't moving at all..SO we went to the Taco Bell on 43rd and Thunderbird and FINALLY we could order. SO! we ordered our food I got the meal with a crunchwrap supreme and a beef taco supreme and a drink. As always, I ordered a sierra mist with it...we then drive up to the window to complete the drive-thru process pick up our food and start down the street back home, I took a sip of my soda and soon found out that it had NO syrup in it, but instead was carbonated water lol. SO mom turned around and went back through. This time I decided I'd take Mountain dew. So mom told the dude that I wanted mountain dew, he then turned around glanced at the machine turned back around and said "We don't serve mountain dew, its a coke product." my mom then replied "o...Yes you do, it's a pepsi product". So after retrieving the Mountain dew, I tried it, and discovered there was no syrup in this soda either. I then had my mom try it to confirm this finding. She tried it, and flagged the guy down again, he then laughed and said "what will it be this time?" I then decided to get Dr. Pepper and that worked.

So, that is why I entitled this blog "goldilocks and the 3 sodas"

I hope that if you read the entire thing that you enjoyed it!

<3 ya!

P.S. My baby weighs 12 Lbs. 8 Oz! :)

Sterling Silver: March 16, 2009

Somehow even though I was seriously determined to get my license I honestly didn't think it was going to ever happen for me. Today changed my hopes and dreams. I finally am a licensed driver!!!
This year has been so amazing so far and I can only tell that it's going to get better as it goes along. I'm also going to be graduating May 26th!! I definitely, definitely want ALL of my friends to be there (so message me for all the details). Anyways. I was given an early grad present from my mom. It is a sterling silver necklace with the number "2009" inside a circle. On the packaging it says "Each time you wear this necklace remember all the strength you need is right there inside you and that determination, not destiny, makes all the difference in life." I absolutely LOVEEE that last part.
So yes, today has been super super good :)

9X Words: October 18, 2008

1. Baby
2. Back
3. Bag
4. Ball
5. Balloon
6. Baseball
7. Basketball
8. Bath
9. Bee
10. Beep
11. Belly
12. Big
13. Blanket
14. Boob
15. Broke
16. Bus
17. Button
18. Bye
19. Car
20. Cheese
21. Chew
22. Chips
23. Cup
24. Daddy
25. Daisy
26. Ding
27. Door
28. Drum
29. Duck
30. Ear
31. Fish
32. Flower
33. Football
34. Gato
35. Gi-gi
36. Go
37. Green
38. Gum
39. Hello
40. Hey
41. Hi
42. I
43. Jams
44. Kiss
45. Kitty
46. Knee
47. Light
48. Mickey
49. Milk
50. Momma
51. More
52. mouse
53. Mouth
54. My
55. Neck
56. Nick
57. No
58. Okay
59. One
60. Outside
61. Pillow
62. Pink
63. play
64. Please
65. Pluto
66. Pooh
67. Poop
68. Pray
69. Puppy
70. Purple
71. Purse
72. Read
73. Rock
74. Rub
75. Shoe
76. Shower
77. Sit
78. Squeeze
79. Sticker
80. Tape
81. Teeth
82. Thank you
83. Three
84. Train
85. Tree
86. Truck
87. Two
88. Uh-oh
89. Walk
90. Wash
91. We
92. Wet
93. Whoa
94. Yes
95. Yuck
96. Yummy

Newest Stuff: October 18, 2008

Some new things have been happening in my life, and I thought I would update you guys.
First off I am 99% finished with high school! All that is left for me to do is to take my AZ/US government final. I am currently waiting for it to be unlocked. As soon as I finish with that I will request my official transcripts and then be done with that. Unfortunately my graduation ceremony will not be until May. I am very thankful for Pinnacle education as well as for IQ Academy. Without their program I would not have been able to complete high school. I am also very thankful for all of my friends and family. You guys all helped to support me, and made me want to do this. Getting my diploma has been a long time dream of mine. I hope that you all can be at my ceremony in May. I will update you as I get the information on that.
As for Mr. Madyn...He's a little chatterbox. I wrote down all the words that he could say today and it came up to at least 70! He is saying sentences left and right. Not complex sentences, but simple ones like "balloon bye bye" and "hi Momma" and "bath please?" "puppy outside" "play outside" Every time I turn around he's learning a new word. In another blog I will write all the words that he can say..Mainly for me, but so you guys can see too. I can't believe how fast he's grown up. We are in the process of getting things ready to potty train him. He is aware and knows when he is doing a BM and urinating. He does not like the camera as much as he used to, unless he's the one taking the pictures. . Madyn loves puppies and dogs of all sorts. Definitely not afraid of animals. He started using his imagination while playing with his toys awhile ago..unfortunatley I didn't write that down when I last blogged. He's not a big eater anymore. He likes to eat and run. He's still the biggest fan of mickey. He's the cutest two year old dancer ever. He's very affectionate and I love it!!!
So there's my update...Thanks for reading..if you got this far!!

Madyn's First Sentence: September 5, 2008

He finally said his first sentence (besides "Hi Mommy" or "hi[insert name here]"

His first sentence was:
Bye Bye Baby Too (translation: Bye bye baby shoe)
Super super cute moment! He found his first pair of baby shoes and I told him to put them down and he did and said that. This happened on tuesday, but I just remembered that I haven't blogged it yet. LoL

I am a VERY proud mommy right now :)

He's Talking!: August 24, 2008

Its been about a month since I've posted a blog. So that's what I'm doing today!
Madyn turned two years old on July 6 this year. He's started actually saying two word sentences. Its absolutely amazing to me! He can say "thanks" "more please" "hi daddy" "good morning" "yes" "mickey." And a lot more than that.
He's also been showing a big interest in the potty. So everytime he starts squatting I take him to the potty. So far he hasn't done anything in it but I have no doubt that it won't take long.
Our disney trip is coming up! only 17 days from today! We're all excited for it!
Hope you're all doing well!

things running around in my head: June 5, 2008

-I am hungry, I need to get food.
-I am relaxed..but I miss my hubby.
-I have really enjoyed the past three days off, but its made me want to be a stay at home mom even more! To be able to play with my little boy and to be able to put him to bed every night would be amazing.
-I have gotten so much done on school and I can't wait to be finished with this part of my life! I'm moving closer and closer every day to graduating!
-I can't wait to be his Mrs! I've been looking at wedding sites and dresses. I can't wait for money to work itself out so we can get this show on the road!
-Madyn's birthday is in a month! He's going to be TWO already. I can't believe it! He's grown SOO much this last year! He can Jump, he can dance, he says Please and thank you. He knows how to say I love you, but doesn't always feel like saying it, he instead shows it with a big hug or a kiss on the cheek! He loves to eat, and he'll tell you when he wants more.
-I can't believe I have my own family! I'm the luckiest girl on the planet! My fiance loves me, and he loves madyn too!

I love My life!

Days like today: May 12, 2008

Make me want to be a stay at home mom!!! I really enjoyed being off today. I was so relaxed just all day long! Madyn and I went to the pool for the first time this summer!!! He is going to be such a great swimmer!! He amazes me so much every single second. He has such a great personality. He communicates without even having to say very much at all. Of course it'd be awesome if he would start talking in full sentences, but I know that will come one day and for now I'm just enjoying him the way he is TODAY.
I even had a great mothers day! Madyn smiled at me and gave me THREE hugs during breakfast. His hugs are the best! :)
well there's really no point to this blog. I just had to brag about my amazing son.
Hope all is well with you!!!

April 17, 2008

I was reading some of my old blogs and wow have things changed in a year! This time last year I was working at Jc penny's portrait studio and I was facing the fact that all my friends were moving away. Little did I know that I wouldn't lose contact with them for good just for a bit as they got settled into their new lifes.
well Life goes on and things change and now one of my best friends is moving home! I can't wait for her to come home it will be nice to see her again! I miss her so much!
this Time last year Madyn was barely starting to form words and now he won't be quiet. :D He's just like his mom so I can't really blame him. Its so good to hear him talking too. and he dances and he jumps and he sings too. Its amazing how much he's changed and developed. He looks like a completely different kid from last year.

I'm working at Gymboree only right now as a part time assistant manager (again) yayy! Love it but am quite exhausted from working a lot.
that's all that's new.
comment?! :D

Life is truely amazing: February 21, 2008

Family: Amazing! Brandon and Madyn have continued to bond as much as possible. Brandon and I are also doing really well. I love him more than anything and am so happy that he is a part of my life. Our new 3 bedroom apartment is absolutely gorgeous. However, it does require a lot more work to be put into it, Which is fine with me. I don't want to raise a kid in a messy house. :)
School: Right now its going really well. I am really ready to graduate. I will be SO relieved once I do graduate. I intend on attending college, and I am thinking about majoring in photography although i'm not sure what area I want to focus on. I first just want to learn all I can about it. I have never taken a photo class, so therefore I need to learn more about that in general.
Work: Crazy, hectic, sometimes annoying. But in all honestly I love it. I have two jobs right now, Gymboree AND Aeropostale in Paradise Valley mall. Weekends at Aero and during the week i'm at gymboree. It keeps me busy at times and quite exhausted too.
So that's my life in general.

bahhh.. can't concentrate: February 7, 2008

Growing up…
Early Years

Where were you born? Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
Any Siblings? yes
Elementary school name? Madison Park//Marshall Ranch
Fave Teacher there? MP: Ms "Webber"//MR: Ms Pasley!
k-5 good or bad? awesome!
Middle Years
Where did you live? In Glendale, Arizona
Middle School Name?Marshall Ranch
Fave teacher there? Ms Pasley
Popular? nopee
Sports? none
First kisses name? Andrew Redfield
Where were you when you did? in the middle of the street
Biggest Crush then? oh I had several!!
7th-8th grade..Good or Bad? so much fun!
The "I know everything" age
High School Name? Ironwood High school
Fave Teacher there? Ms Hennington!!
Good Student? ehhh I could've been better!
How many boyfriends? a few...
Big Crush? again a few...
Sports? Marching Band! :)
Car? none
Popular? nopeee not at all
Graduate? not from there
College? not yet.
9th-12th grade…Good or Bad? goodish.
Wish you were a kid again? kinda. yeah
Got kids? one!
Married? not yet, but i'm engaged!
Living it up? haha yeahh. sure.
Regrets? nope
Career? none yet.
How many bills do you pay a month? hah enough. trust me.
Future dreams? Get married, and have more kids and move into a house!!
Were your parents right? about what?! lol of course she was right but shhh..;)
One thing you wished you had done, that you didn't? Pay more attention in high school.

No subject: february 7, 2008

Current mood:frustrated
What time are you starting this?12:34
What's your name? Manda
Do you have any nicknames? a few...
When's your birthday? January 24th!!
Are you a boy or girl? Girl
How tall are you? 5"2'
Where were you born? Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Let The Randomness Begin

What's your favorite color?Pink
Who do you talk to the most over the phone? Sandra or my mom
Do you have a tan? nope
Do you have any siblings? yepp
Do you like Snapple? If so, what's your favorite flavor? Yeah not sure.
Do you have a pool? in the apartment complex yes
Do you daydream a lot? haha yeah
Are you flexible? nope
Can you drive? not legally
What's your favorite band or single artist? Carrie Underwood//taylor swift
Have you ever dyed your hair? yeah
Would you ever go skydiving? no
Have you ever been scuba diving? no
What toothpaste do you use? Crest!!
What's your favorite ice cream flavor? anyyy!!
Who was the last person you spoke to? Sandra on the phone and Joe through text
What are you most afraid of? Losing loved ones!

5 things in your room: Bed, Pillows, comforter, TV, Cell phone charger,
5 things you couldn't live without: Food, Water, Cell phone service, naps, lip gloss!
5 friends you would want to room with: Brandon, Sandra, Randi, Kasey, Candace
5 people you love: Brandon, Madyn, Mom, Brittany, Aaron
5 people you hate: nobody!!
This Or That
Love or hate? Love
Ice cream or cookies? Ice Cream!!
TV or computer? Computer
Books or magazines? Magazines
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
The End
What time did you finish this survey? 12:39

January 23, 2008

Went really well!! My "little" madyn-bug is 30 lbs and 33 in tall. he’s in the 95th percentile for both areas. He only cried on the last shot. I’m soooo happy he’s healthy! I knew it before we went to the doctor, but it feels especially good to hear it come from the doctors mouth. :)

Thank goodness for healthy happy "baby’s"

I really can’t believe how big he’s gotten. He’s running, and ALMOST jumping. He said tummy a few days ago. It was super cute. I love this little guy

me & My life: January 22, 2008

So a couple weeks ago I finally got to see snow, and play with it too!! Brandon, me & Madyn took a road trip up to flagstaff and found a quiet park that was totally snowed over and had a snowball "fight" and I tried to make a snow angel...Kinda failed, I couldn't move my legs :( so it looked pretty funny. We had lunch at a really cool restaraunt called "bun huggers" Their burgers are sooo good!! On the way back we stopped in Sedona. I've never seen so many beautiful ROCKS.
Everything right now is going great. It's almost been a month and I can't wait for many more months to go by.
Madyn's gotten so much better at listening. He is such a good kid, very smart. When we're watching any MGM movie with the lion at the beginning, he roars right after that. It's so cute!
Love you all!
Manda & Family.

Just a lil update: December 18, 2007

Its been a little while since I've posted an update.
Madyn: He's 17 months old now. He's quite the handful. He's saying more stuff now. Its quite amazing to wake up to him every morning. I love being his mom.
Brandon & I: Amazing. Absolutely Perfect!!!! I'm moving in with him December 29th! We're really excited to start living together. and to be able to see each other more than just once every 3 weeks.
School: fun! I'm on break now. Til the 7th of January!! Woohoo!! :)
Work: Last day at Gymboree is the 28th. :( Sadly. I love this team. They're all reallly amazing, hard working women. And I think I've grown as a Part time assistant Manager. Its hard to leave.

blog tag: November 16, 2007

Well since I was "tagged" by julie, I'm gonna post the blog.
I think I have to post 6 things that are on my mind.
1. I am so glad its finally friday. I get to see Brandon tomorrow night!
2. Madyn makes the funniest sounds/laughs. I love to hear it.
3. Last night the store wasn't left in tip top condition and I forgot about it until I got home. there's some other things that I forgot to do and I feel horrrrible!!
4. I just burnt eggs....trying to multi task
5. I want brandon to get better!! I'm worried about him!
6. My mouth hurts. :(
so now...I get to tag 6 people. hm. I choose Becca, Brittany, Aaron, Brandon, sandra, and My mom!
you guys have to read my blog and repost a blog with 6 things that are on your mind. after you're done tag 6 new people! :)

Why?: November 9, 2007

why can't i do anything right?
when i didn't have a job i wanted one and tried to get one. I got a job and now still things aren't any better. It's not fair. we fight all the time. gas is too expensive and everyone has their own lifes. its not fair. I just want to be able to take care of my little boy and save up for myself. I don't ever get to shop anymore. I don't have any time to spend doing anything else except school and work. I don't have any money to buy madyn winter clothes, or baby food or anything. I'm horrible.
gr. things. I can't even write what I'm truly thinking. cuz I'm not even sure what i'm thinking at all. I'm just so depressed and things are too crazy. :(
I love my job and my team. and every time I have to quit its stupid. my resume is gonna start looking REALLY crappy if I quit this job too soon. people aren't going to trust me when they employee me. gr.
sorry guys i'm complaining. i just needed to vent.

Madyn Rei: November 7, 2007

So Madyn is 16 months old now!! oh my goodness, where has time gone??? He is such a smart baby/toddler. He knows where his: fingers, shoulders, nose, eyes, ears, tongue, "belly", and "piggies"(toes) are!!! :) I don't know how he knows that his fingers are his fingers but I'm not complaining!! :) He makes me smile even when he's upset. I know that he's trying to tell me something so it helps me to stay calm and figure out what he wants.
He runs and is trying to jump. He tries to reach up to the light switch, and he knows he can't reach so he'll stand on his tippie toes to try and touch them. that is something that's really cute to see.
He can say ball and book and mommy and hat and so many more thingss!!!
I'm really thankful for him. I love him to death.

Papa: October 28, 2007

Sometimes I wonder if my Papa is here. I wonder if he see's all the wonderful stuff we've got. and the nice house that has been provided for us. I wonder if my son can see him. I miss my papa so much and wish every day that he was still here. It's been over a year since he died and at times like this(watching my son play or smile even) makes me remember how much fun I had with him. I was HIS angelica.
The holidays are the hardest. Especially at Christmas time. He LOVED Christmas. My gran always buys santas. and I remember there was this one time when she bought one that bounced, and at christmas time he pressed it and was bouncing. To see his smile, made everyone around him smile.
I love him so much!!

What a day, what a day: October 27, 2007

what day is it
and in what month
this clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up
and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

all of the things that I want to say
just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping inwards
you got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

cause it's you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to prove
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

there's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
everything she does is beautiful
everything she does is right

you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

you and me and all of the people
with nothing to do
nothing to prove
and it's you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why
I can't keep my eyes off of you

what day is it
and in what month
this clock never seemed so alive
...That is OUR SONG! :) I love Brandon michael hess! Today was absolutely amazing!! He picked me up at 2:00 and we headed straight to the fair. Parking at the fair grounds is outrageous. $20. $12. $5. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to the first ride. All of them were so thrilling for me. I get a thrill out of heights. :P It was so much fun!! Sadly we went through all the tickets in an hour!! So then we went to see "the comebacks." wasn't THAT funny to me. I've seen funnier.
Sitting here right now i'm super exhausted but my little boy isn't sooo just waiting for him to play himself tired. LoL.
I Love Brandon M. Hess Forever & Everr

Wishes upon Wishes: October 27, 2007

I'd like to see when Adam met Eve and it all hung out. I'd wake with the tang of the mountain air on my face after a really good nights sleep, and during the day I'd prepare myself mentally for my concert at wembley stadium; and if I thought about it I really need a big case of cash, no questions asked. Sometimes I wish I was the best Pastery Chef since Anton Careme invented caramel. I'd like to be invisible when I felt like it, because the possibilites are endless, and it would be amazing to hang out on an island of my own in some far-off tropical sea, one never touched by human contact. Pets? A Friendly Giraffe would do it for me, especially one with a goofy expression. Finally, I'd like to throw a party which ends in a firework spectacular, and maybe I'd invite an angel along, to bring a blessing to everyone there.
--courtesey of
...But seriously, This so describes me to a "T" :)

Blog Blog Blog: October 10, 2007

its been about a month since I got engaged and life couldn't be any better!! Well at least THAT part of life couldn't get any better. :) Brandon, Madyn and I are going on a road trip tomorrow evening!! We're going to Forest Lakes to see his grandma and then going to hang out there friday all day long. It's going to be so much fun!!!!Saturday is my uncles eighteenth birthday!! :) I can't wait to celebrate it with him!!! Sunday I'm going to Kim's to see her beautiful new baby girl and then brandon and I are going to his mom's house for dinner! :) should be lots of fun!!!...As for tonight i'm just kinda relaxing. Not feeling up to par. My nose is all stuffy and i've been sneezing all day!! its kinda aggravating(spelling??).
School is going well. I'm loving this school. I can't wait to graduate!!!
Love ya all!!

Me? Engaged?!: September 12, 2007

Okay, So the stories are true...I am engaged!!! Brandon Michael **** proposed to me on Saturday, September 08, 2007. We were at lunch with my family and in the middle of it he got up and started thanking them for lunch, and for accepting him into the family. Honestly when he first got up I thought he was going to leave or something, I was thinking "where is he going? what is he doing?" Then...He went to the left side of me(I was at the end of the table) and got down on one knee...and proposed to me. It was the sweetest thing ever! I of course accepted!! According to my mom I didn't even let him finish asking me.
I love him with all my heart. He's really sweet, he's smart and we share a lot of the same interests. He's so good with madyn. No male (outside of my family) has ever been able to pick him up and have madyn give him "love" until Brandon. I know that i'm making the right decision.
So yes I am engaged to him! and I couldn't be any happier!


Amazing Zoo Day: August 25, 2007

Wow. I never knew the Zoo could be soooooo much fun!! Today my wonderful boyfriend,Me and Madyn all went to the zoo! It was madyn's first time, but he wasn't shocked or anything. A couple times he pointed at the animals in amazement. I Loved it there today, and realized that I looooveeeee the giraffes!!! :) They're CUTE!! :) LoL, Minus the bbbbbbbbigggggggg sloppy lonnnnnnng tongue!! haha..
I really enjoyed being there with Brandon, annnnnnd I can't wait for the next trip with him and madyn. Madyn is really comfortable with brandon and I like that. He lets him hold him and doesn't shy away either. It's soo cool!!! :)

Work was frustrating. We missed our day by 66 dollars!!!!!!!! :( We had like four returns at the end of the night when we couldn't do anything to redeem ourselves. :( ohhh well we'll kick butt tomorrow though!! Cuz our Team is amazing!!!
Hope your weekend was amazing too!!

A day of Enfamy: July 30, 2007

My son started to walk a couple days ago!!!! I'm super super excited. He's talking more as well. the other night he told my mom "get my momma" because it was time to go get me from work. I love my lil boy!!
Our store has roof damage now. OOO Yay! LoL. It started leaking yesterday when it rained and we had to turn half of our lights out. Everybody thought we were closed so nobody came shopping!! :(
anywho's just wanted to write a little something because i'm soooooooooooo damn proud of my son!!
Love you!

Life in general: September 6, 2007

I've decided to copy over blogs that I've posted on myspace back when THAT was the cool thing to do, so they're all in one area! ;) I'll date them accordingly! Enjoy!

So its been a little while since I last wrote. Madyn is 14 months as of tomorrow september 6th, 2007!! I can't believe how fast time has gone!! I'm so proud of all the different things he's learned and how quickly he's learned them. He's such an amazing, remarkable young guy. :) I love him to death!!
I also have an even more than amazing boyfriend who i'm completely in love with. We have such a wonderful time together. we just click more than anybody I've ever dated. Its crazy!! I love him!!!

Work...well its crazy..but I still am in love with my job!! it's nice to be able to see the little kids come in with their parents and look for clothes they like. The parents are always fun to see too!! However all these sales are driving me crazy!! its ONE after another after another and it doesn't do much for our store in terms of cleanliness!! it's CRAZY. I hate when its messy, or unorganized!! I just want it to all be clean, so we know right where everything is!!!! LoL. anyways!!
I miss all my friends. I keep saying that but I don't think anyone really understands how much I miss them!! I miss the crazy stuff we'd do together, and all the pictures we'd take and just all the memories I had with them!!! I really hate this growing up thing! I just want to be with my friends like it was a few years ago. :( or at least have the friendships as strong as they were my freshmen year. :( *sigh* I know we have to grow up but I wish the friendships would've stayed the same.
sooo I know this was long and if you actually read ALL of it I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment :)
Manda & Madyn

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is beautiful!

Madyn is doing glorious in school compared to about a week ago! He's loving it too! This week they started learning about "community helpers" and tomorrow he is dressing up as one. I'm not sure which one yet because he's so indecisive (hmm, where'd he get THAT from?!). I'll for sure have to post some pictures though! :)

We've  I've been working so much in the afternoons lately that I haven't had a ton of time with him or Brandon but tonight I had a day off as I do tomorrow and it was so nice! I always feel like it is an eternity between days off. One of the many reasons I wish sometimes I had a "normal" job. Though I do enjoy working where I do now.

Lately Brandon has been working on home improvement projects. All of them are very exciting and I'm completely loving his handiness!

Below: This is our deck in the beginning stages. 

Below: Madyn fell asleep early this night because he was sick. I hate when my baby is sick. It makes me sad just like when he was an infant.

Below: More home improvements... Tryingto decide which gray to paint our tan walls. :)

Below: Madyn being cute!

Below: Me and Madyn before school on February 8th!

Happy Valentines day!

Because I had to work on Valentines Day I had brandon take some pictures of Madyn. I love the pictures he captured!

Madyn made a police hat in class and he loves it!

Tonight he called himself the "mad hatter."

So that pretty much sums up our month thus far! At the end of next week we are going on our first vacation of the year! We're very excited because none of us have ever been to Legoland before! Should be a lot of fun!

I am going to close for tonight!