Friday, February 17, 2012

me & My life: January 22, 2008

So a couple weeks ago I finally got to see snow, and play with it too!! Brandon, me & Madyn took a road trip up to flagstaff and found a quiet park that was totally snowed over and had a snowball "fight" and I tried to make a snow angel...Kinda failed, I couldn't move my legs :( so it looked pretty funny. We had lunch at a really cool restaraunt called "bun huggers" Their burgers are sooo good!! On the way back we stopped in Sedona. I've never seen so many beautiful ROCKS.
Everything right now is going great. It's almost been a month and I can't wait for many more months to go by.
Madyn's gotten so much better at listening. He is such a good kid, very smart. When we're watching any MGM movie with the lion at the beginning, he roars right after that. It's so cute!
Love you all!
Manda & Family.

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