Friday, February 17, 2012

Newest Stuff: October 18, 2008

Some new things have been happening in my life, and I thought I would update you guys.
First off I am 99% finished with high school! All that is left for me to do is to take my AZ/US government final. I am currently waiting for it to be unlocked. As soon as I finish with that I will request my official transcripts and then be done with that. Unfortunately my graduation ceremony will not be until May. I am very thankful for Pinnacle education as well as for IQ Academy. Without their program I would not have been able to complete high school. I am also very thankful for all of my friends and family. You guys all helped to support me, and made me want to do this. Getting my diploma has been a long time dream of mine. I hope that you all can be at my ceremony in May. I will update you as I get the information on that.
As for Mr. Madyn...He's a little chatterbox. I wrote down all the words that he could say today and it came up to at least 70! He is saying sentences left and right. Not complex sentences, but simple ones like "balloon bye bye" and "hi Momma" and "bath please?" "puppy outside" "play outside" Every time I turn around he's learning a new word. In another blog I will write all the words that he can say..Mainly for me, but so you guys can see too. I can't believe how fast he's grown up. We are in the process of getting things ready to potty train him. He is aware and knows when he is doing a BM and urinating. He does not like the camera as much as he used to, unless he's the one taking the pictures. . Madyn loves puppies and dogs of all sorts. Definitely not afraid of animals. He started using his imagination while playing with his toys awhile ago..unfortunatley I didn't write that down when I last blogged. He's not a big eater anymore. He likes to eat and run. He's still the biggest fan of mickey. He's the cutest two year old dancer ever. He's very affectionate and I love it!!!
So there's my update...Thanks for reading..if you got this far!!

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