Friday, February 17, 2012

Wishes upon Wishes: October 27, 2007

I'd like to see when Adam met Eve and it all hung out. I'd wake with the tang of the mountain air on my face after a really good nights sleep, and during the day I'd prepare myself mentally for my concert at wembley stadium; and if I thought about it I really need a big case of cash, no questions asked. Sometimes I wish I was the best Pastery Chef since Anton Careme invented caramel. I'd like to be invisible when I felt like it, because the possibilites are endless, and it would be amazing to hang out on an island of my own in some far-off tropical sea, one never touched by human contact. Pets? A Friendly Giraffe would do it for me, especially one with a goofy expression. Finally, I'd like to throw a party which ends in a firework spectacular, and maybe I'd invite an angel along, to bring a blessing to everyone there.
--courtesey of
...But seriously, This so describes me to a "T" :)

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