Friday, February 17, 2012

Why?: November 9, 2007

why can't i do anything right?
when i didn't have a job i wanted one and tried to get one. I got a job and now still things aren't any better. It's not fair. we fight all the time. gas is too expensive and everyone has their own lifes. its not fair. I just want to be able to take care of my little boy and save up for myself. I don't ever get to shop anymore. I don't have any time to spend doing anything else except school and work. I don't have any money to buy madyn winter clothes, or baby food or anything. I'm horrible.
gr. things. I can't even write what I'm truly thinking. cuz I'm not even sure what i'm thinking at all. I'm just so depressed and things are too crazy. :(
I love my job and my team. and every time I have to quit its stupid. my resume is gonna start looking REALLY crappy if I quit this job too soon. people aren't going to trust me when they employee me. gr.
sorry guys i'm complaining. i just needed to vent.

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