Friday, February 17, 2012

Life in general: September 6, 2007

I've decided to copy over blogs that I've posted on myspace back when THAT was the cool thing to do, so they're all in one area! ;) I'll date them accordingly! Enjoy!

So its been a little while since I last wrote. Madyn is 14 months as of tomorrow september 6th, 2007!! I can't believe how fast time has gone!! I'm so proud of all the different things he's learned and how quickly he's learned them. He's such an amazing, remarkable young guy. :) I love him to death!!
I also have an even more than amazing boyfriend who i'm completely in love with. We have such a wonderful time together. we just click more than anybody I've ever dated. Its crazy!! I love him!!!

Work...well its crazy..but I still am in love with my job!! it's nice to be able to see the little kids come in with their parents and look for clothes they like. The parents are always fun to see too!! However all these sales are driving me crazy!! its ONE after another after another and it doesn't do much for our store in terms of cleanliness!! it's CRAZY. I hate when its messy, or unorganized!! I just want it to all be clean, so we know right where everything is!!!! LoL. anyways!!
I miss all my friends. I keep saying that but I don't think anyone really understands how much I miss them!! I miss the crazy stuff we'd do together, and all the pictures we'd take and just all the memories I had with them!!! I really hate this growing up thing! I just want to be with my friends like it was a few years ago. :( or at least have the friendships as strong as they were my freshmen year. :( *sigh* I know we have to grow up but I wish the friendships would've stayed the same.
sooo I know this was long and if you actually read ALL of it I'd really appreciate it if you'd comment :)
Manda & Madyn

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