Friday, February 17, 2012

Madyn Rei: November 7, 2007

So Madyn is 16 months old now!! oh my goodness, where has time gone??? He is such a smart baby/toddler. He knows where his: fingers, shoulders, nose, eyes, ears, tongue, "belly", and "piggies"(toes) are!!! :) I don't know how he knows that his fingers are his fingers but I'm not complaining!! :) He makes me smile even when he's upset. I know that he's trying to tell me something so it helps me to stay calm and figure out what he wants.
He runs and is trying to jump. He tries to reach up to the light switch, and he knows he can't reach so he'll stand on his tippie toes to try and touch them. that is something that's really cute to see.
He can say ball and book and mommy and hat and so many more thingss!!!
I'm really thankful for him. I love him to death.

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