Friday, February 17, 2012

blog tag: November 16, 2007

Well since I was "tagged" by julie, I'm gonna post the blog.
I think I have to post 6 things that are on my mind.
1. I am so glad its finally friday. I get to see Brandon tomorrow night!
2. Madyn makes the funniest sounds/laughs. I love to hear it.
3. Last night the store wasn't left in tip top condition and I forgot about it until I got home. there's some other things that I forgot to do and I feel horrrrible!!
4. I just burnt eggs....trying to multi task
5. I want brandon to get better!! I'm worried about him!
6. My mouth hurts. :(
so now...I get to tag 6 people. hm. I choose Becca, Brittany, Aaron, Brandon, sandra, and My mom!
you guys have to read my blog and repost a blog with 6 things that are on your mind. after you're done tag 6 new people! :)

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