Friday, February 17, 2012

Days like today: May 12, 2008

Make me want to be a stay at home mom!!! I really enjoyed being off today. I was so relaxed just all day long! Madyn and I went to the pool for the first time this summer!!! He is going to be such a great swimmer!! He amazes me so much every single second. He has such a great personality. He communicates without even having to say very much at all. Of course it'd be awesome if he would start talking in full sentences, but I know that will come one day and for now I'm just enjoying him the way he is TODAY.
I even had a great mothers day! Madyn smiled at me and gave me THREE hugs during breakfast. His hugs are the best! :)
well there's really no point to this blog. I just had to brag about my amazing son.
Hope all is well with you!!!

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