Friday, February 17, 2012

Blog Blog Blog: October 10, 2007

its been about a month since I got engaged and life couldn't be any better!! Well at least THAT part of life couldn't get any better. :) Brandon, Madyn and I are going on a road trip tomorrow evening!! We're going to Forest Lakes to see his grandma and then going to hang out there friday all day long. It's going to be so much fun!!!!Saturday is my uncles eighteenth birthday!! :) I can't wait to celebrate it with him!!! Sunday I'm going to Kim's to see her beautiful new baby girl and then brandon and I are going to his mom's house for dinner! :) should be lots of fun!!!...As for tonight i'm just kinda relaxing. Not feeling up to par. My nose is all stuffy and i've been sneezing all day!! its kinda aggravating(spelling??).
School is going well. I'm loving this school. I can't wait to graduate!!!
Love ya all!!

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