Friday, February 17, 2012

Goldilocks and the 3 sodas: September 9, 2006

·         Okay so lemme just say...


..First was the first game I had marched, it was an away game. We played Marcos De Niza. (boo) lol. uhm. we lost 9-5, but it was still a kick ass game. I feel like the show went well, but it would've been better had we (the colorguard) been able to do the routine (we're not that far yet ). After their band performed we got to meet their colorguard, and their colorguard ROCKS!!! I love them! We all sat down on the track in a GIANT circle and just hung out and talked and stuff...Then their instructor came over and was teaching us some new stuff...It was SO much fun. "5,6,7,8...DUT, DUT, DUT, DUT...ETC. SQUEEZE"
"Guard Right shoulder"...and spin flips..or something like that, basically for you non guardies are like different angles. Uhm. After that we went and stood back on the track for the rest of the game. Our crowd was AMAZINGLY spirited! Our football team was telling us to "cut it off" though..Which actually confused me lol. We were just showing our support!!! anywhos, after the game we gave Alle (<3) a ride home and my mom took my sister and I to get food, well first we went to the taco bell on 67th and peoria. yeah, the line was WAY too long, so then we went to the mcdonalds across the street...that line wasn't moving at all..SO we went to the Taco Bell on 43rd and Thunderbird and FINALLY we could order. SO! we ordered our food I got the meal with a crunchwrap supreme and a beef taco supreme and a drink. As always, I ordered a sierra mist with it...we then drive up to the window to complete the drive-thru process pick up our food and start down the street back home, I took a sip of my soda and soon found out that it had NO syrup in it, but instead was carbonated water lol. SO mom turned around and went back through. This time I decided I'd take Mountain dew. So mom told the dude that I wanted mountain dew, he then turned around glanced at the machine turned back around and said "We don't serve mountain dew, its a coke product." my mom then replied "o...Yes you do, it's a pepsi product". So after retrieving the Mountain dew, I tried it, and discovered there was no syrup in this soda either. I then had my mom try it to confirm this finding. She tried it, and flagged the guy down again, he then laughed and said "what will it be this time?" I then decided to get Dr. Pepper and that worked.

So, that is why I entitled this blog "goldilocks and the 3 sodas"

I hope that if you read the entire thing that you enjoyed it!

<3 ya!

P.S. My baby weighs 12 Lbs. 8 Oz! :)

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