Friday, February 17, 2012

bahhh.. can't concentrate: February 7, 2008

Growing up…
Early Years

Where were you born? Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
Any Siblings? yes
Elementary school name? Madison Park//Marshall Ranch
Fave Teacher there? MP: Ms "Webber"//MR: Ms Pasley!
k-5 good or bad? awesome!
Middle Years
Where did you live? In Glendale, Arizona
Middle School Name?Marshall Ranch
Fave teacher there? Ms Pasley
Popular? nopee
Sports? none
First kisses name? Andrew Redfield
Where were you when you did? in the middle of the street
Biggest Crush then? oh I had several!!
7th-8th grade..Good or Bad? so much fun!
The "I know everything" age
High School Name? Ironwood High school
Fave Teacher there? Ms Hennington!!
Good Student? ehhh I could've been better!
How many boyfriends? a few...
Big Crush? again a few...
Sports? Marching Band! :)
Car? none
Popular? nopeee not at all
Graduate? not from there
College? not yet.
9th-12th grade…Good or Bad? goodish.
Wish you were a kid again? kinda. yeah
Got kids? one!
Married? not yet, but i'm engaged!
Living it up? haha yeahh. sure.
Regrets? nope
Career? none yet.
How many bills do you pay a month? hah enough. trust me.
Future dreams? Get married, and have more kids and move into a house!!
Were your parents right? about what?! lol of course she was right but shhh..;)
One thing you wished you had done, that you didn't? Pay more attention in high school.

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