Friday, February 17, 2012

No subject: february 7, 2008

Current mood:frustrated
What time are you starting this?12:34
What's your name? Manda
Do you have any nicknames? a few...
When's your birthday? January 24th!!
Are you a boy or girl? Girl
How tall are you? 5"2'
Where were you born? Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Let The Randomness Begin

What's your favorite color?Pink
Who do you talk to the most over the phone? Sandra or my mom
Do you have a tan? nope
Do you have any siblings? yepp
Do you like Snapple? If so, what's your favorite flavor? Yeah not sure.
Do you have a pool? in the apartment complex yes
Do you daydream a lot? haha yeah
Are you flexible? nope
Can you drive? not legally
What's your favorite band or single artist? Carrie Underwood//taylor swift
Have you ever dyed your hair? yeah
Would you ever go skydiving? no
Have you ever been scuba diving? no
What toothpaste do you use? Crest!!
What's your favorite ice cream flavor? anyyy!!
Who was the last person you spoke to? Sandra on the phone and Joe through text
What are you most afraid of? Losing loved ones!

5 things in your room: Bed, Pillows, comforter, TV, Cell phone charger,
5 things you couldn't live without: Food, Water, Cell phone service, naps, lip gloss!
5 friends you would want to room with: Brandon, Sandra, Randi, Kasey, Candace
5 people you love: Brandon, Madyn, Mom, Brittany, Aaron
5 people you hate: nobody!!
This Or That
Love or hate? Love
Ice cream or cookies? Ice Cream!!
TV or computer? Computer
Books or magazines? Magazines
Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
The End
What time did you finish this survey? 12:39

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