Thursday, February 16, 2012

Life is beautiful!

Madyn is doing glorious in school compared to about a week ago! He's loving it too! This week they started learning about "community helpers" and tomorrow he is dressing up as one. I'm not sure which one yet because he's so indecisive (hmm, where'd he get THAT from?!). I'll for sure have to post some pictures though! :)

We've  I've been working so much in the afternoons lately that I haven't had a ton of time with him or Brandon but tonight I had a day off as I do tomorrow and it was so nice! I always feel like it is an eternity between days off. One of the many reasons I wish sometimes I had a "normal" job. Though I do enjoy working where I do now.

Lately Brandon has been working on home improvement projects. All of them are very exciting and I'm completely loving his handiness!

Below: This is our deck in the beginning stages. 

Below: Madyn fell asleep early this night because he was sick. I hate when my baby is sick. It makes me sad just like when he was an infant.

Below: More home improvements... Tryingto decide which gray to paint our tan walls. :)

Below: Madyn being cute!

Below: Me and Madyn before school on February 8th!

Happy Valentines day!

Because I had to work on Valentines Day I had brandon take some pictures of Madyn. I love the pictures he captured!

Madyn made a police hat in class and he loves it!

Tonight he called himself the "mad hatter."

So that pretty much sums up our month thus far! At the end of next week we are going on our first vacation of the year! We're very excited because none of us have ever been to Legoland before! Should be a lot of fun!

I am going to close for tonight!


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