Friday, February 17, 2012

Amazing Zoo Day: August 25, 2007

Wow. I never knew the Zoo could be soooooo much fun!! Today my wonderful boyfriend,Me and Madyn all went to the zoo! It was madyn's first time, but he wasn't shocked or anything. A couple times he pointed at the animals in amazement. I Loved it there today, and realized that I looooveeeee the giraffes!!! :) They're CUTE!! :) LoL, Minus the bbbbbbbbigggggggg sloppy lonnnnnnng tongue!! haha..
I really enjoyed being there with Brandon, annnnnnd I can't wait for the next trip with him and madyn. Madyn is really comfortable with brandon and I like that. He lets him hold him and doesn't shy away either. It's soo cool!!! :)

Work was frustrating. We missed our day by 66 dollars!!!!!!!! :( We had like four returns at the end of the night when we couldn't do anything to redeem ourselves. :( ohhh well we'll kick butt tomorrow though!! Cuz our Team is amazing!!!
Hope your weekend was amazing too!!

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