Friday, February 17, 2012

things running around in my head: June 5, 2008

-I am hungry, I need to get food.
-I am relaxed..but I miss my hubby.
-I have really enjoyed the past three days off, but its made me want to be a stay at home mom even more! To be able to play with my little boy and to be able to put him to bed every night would be amazing.
-I have gotten so much done on school and I can't wait to be finished with this part of my life! I'm moving closer and closer every day to graduating!
-I can't wait to be his Mrs! I've been looking at wedding sites and dresses. I can't wait for money to work itself out so we can get this show on the road!
-Madyn's birthday is in a month! He's going to be TWO already. I can't believe it! He's grown SOO much this last year! He can Jump, he can dance, he says Please and thank you. He knows how to say I love you, but doesn't always feel like saying it, he instead shows it with a big hug or a kiss on the cheek! He loves to eat, and he'll tell you when he wants more.
-I can't believe I have my own family! I'm the luckiest girl on the planet! My fiance loves me, and he loves madyn too!

I love My life!

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