Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I thought that I would update now since I have time!

I have two blogs currently. This one & my project 365 at, So that is why it's been difficult for me to keep up this blog. I do want to try and update it a lot more frequently!

Some new things that have been going on are as follows:

-Madyn can recognize the letters A, B, C & D (both the capital and lowercase), He hasn't started writing them yet! How do you teach your 3 year old to write? All he wants to do is scribble still. I take about an hour a day and work with him on his alphabet and numbers.

-Madyn also knows what the word "Apple" looks like.

-I still am only working weekends, but the business has been super slow so unfortunately I'm not getting many hours. :/

I'm sure there is a lot more things that have gone on in my life but I can't think straight with mr man in the background. :P

Anyways check out my project 365!! and leave me comments so I know what to work on!!!

<3 <3

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Robin said...

Sorry, I just saw your comment on my blog that you left last month! I use Royal icing.

Thanks for visiting my blog!