Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kindergarten: Week 5

Last week was a really good week for Madyn. He had blues almost every day. He was focused, and on task. Not too hyper, and was a very good listener.

Madyn had his first school picture day too! He wore a brown plaid shirt with brown shorts that Grandma Debbie got him. He allowed me to spike his hair and he looked so handsome! He was ready to smile too! I'm so anxious to get the pictures & CD back!

Last week we also had our first appointment for Madyn. He has officially been diagnosed with ADHD. However, we have to wait on a psych eval to get any sort of medicine or anything. We do get to see a therapist for him though and I'm hoping that seeing a therapist will help him calm down a little bit.

Madyn continues to LOVE school and is still sad on weekends when he has to stay home. I am very thankful that he likes school!

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