Friday, October 24, 2008

Let the Adventure Begin

I am officially in potty training mode! Today, October 24, 2008 we started potty training. Madyn likes his potty seat that we picked for him. He hasn't done anything on it yet, but we're still working on it.

This morning he sat on the potty 3 different times. The first time he sat on it was 7 minutes, second time the next hour was 6 minutes and the third hour before nap time was 9 minutes! I haven't taken pictures but will later to add here.

Madyn is almost 28 months old. So he's two years and 4 months old. He is a smart toddler. He has been telling me he's ready for the potty for a few months now. He refuses to keep his diaper on after he's had a BM. He will also squeeze it after he's peed.

I am anxious to see how long it takes us to complete this adventure.

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Mommy2SerenityL said...

Hey girl! Its about time more people embrace blogger! I heart it so!

About the potty training.. good luck! We have done so well.. I know alot of people that have taken to the idea. Its ALOT of work.. and it makes me crazy on top of all the other things I have going on. Not looking forward to having to go through it again!

Better see weekly reports!