Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Potty Training...

Friday we started this whole "adventure" with Madyn. He did really well. Saturday morning he actually peed for the first time, while sitting on the potty. Unfortunately it didn't go IN, it came OUT the potty lol...needless to say I didn't point his Peepee down. I wasn't expecting that. We continued our pattern, every hour for 5-10 minutes that day. However when he woke up Sunday morning he did not want to sit on the potty. He hasn't been interested in it. I do not feel like forcing him to sit on the potty. So we're unfortunately not using the potty yet. I'm waiting for him to tell me yes. He is a smart boy, doesn't like to be wet, and hates when he does a BM but until he tells me he's ready to sit on the potty I am not forcing him. :(

I am on the job hunt, but unfortunately nothing good has come from it. I finished my high school last monday! Its really exciting to say that I've been done for a week. I am looking into college grants, so that I can get started on that as soon as possible. I am so ready for it. I've been waiting a while :)

We got Madyn's halloween costume this weekend. He will be a ninja! I would add pictures, but everytime I click the "add image" button it freezes the site. If you want to see his halloween costume just go to my myspace.

Its nap time now, I'll post more later!!

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BoldAsLove said...

potty training has been a nightmare for us here. hoping it's easier on you!

love the title of your blog, by the way ;)