Thursday, June 4, 2009

I did it!!

Last tuesday, May 26, 2009 I beat one of the stastics I had stacked up against me. I graduated high school and received my diploma. This was one of my biggest dreams and I feel very accomplished. I graduated from Pinnacle virtual high school with 84 other students whom I had never met before. The whole experience was rather interesting. I got to Tempe arts center at 3:45. I was directed into the auditorium and told to take a seat anywhere I felt. Because I didn't know anyone I sat a few seats away from a few other girls. There was a little bit of chitter chatter among those who sat next to each other. Teachers and staff would occasionally walk in and check on us, but we sat there for a while. at about 4:30 A teacher came in and informed us that we would be starting our "practice." We went outside of the auditorium and got lined up alphabetically in 4 lines. As they placed us in order I had the opportunity to talk to those who I had actually never met before. I was very amused at this fact: Normally at a high school graduation there is a lot of noise, be it laughter or crying or just a lot of talking. At mine, there was talking but it wasn't any of reminescing(spelling?) it was our way of getting to know those that we had "gone" to school with. There was a lot of people who were graduating early, and a few other young girls who were expecting. Anyways, we walked back into the auditorium and began the practice. This whole process took about 30-45 minutes. After that we were instructed to go back out into the open area and we then received our caps & gowns. They were Bright blue with a gold tassle. Even though they're not that attractive I was rather anxious to put it on. After we all had gotten our "gear" we lined back up and got ready to enter the auditorium for our graduation. A few minutes later, we were told that our family and friends had filled up the auditorium and that we the graduating class were going to be sitting on stage. So basically everything we had just practiced was going "out the window." Then the song started playing and we started entering. Pomp & Circumstance. It was finally playing!! This is when it really started. I entered the stage, stood with my row and waited to be signaled to sit. After we sat it was only moments before I was handed my diploma. Success!!! I finally did what 80% of young mothers don't do. I finished high school. I finally have my high school diploma.:D


WhisperingWriter said...

Congrats on graduating and getting your diploma. That's awesome!

KrustyTheCat said...

That's fantastic! Congratulations!!!

BoldAsLove said...

Congratulations, what an accomplishment :)