Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dream much?

This is my dream from last night from my memory this morning:

it started out with me walking around a building and being handed a missing child flyer. On the flyer it had a reward that the family was offering for the return of the child, and it had a description of the person who was last seen with him. I took a very good hard look at this picture, and kept walking. When I got off the elevator I walked forward and saw a male that resemebled that guy on the flyer. I started to get out my cell phone and he ran off remarkably fast. I kept talking to the 911 operator and tried to stay in his line of sight, but was also trying to not be heard by him. this wasnt hard for me. After I got off the phone for some reason I myself tried to catch this man. I tried all kinds of random things that I don't remember at all now except for I tried to throw a net over him and he blew it up into little fireworks and escaped. I kept trying all kinds of things and it wouldn't work. Finally I decided that maybe if I just talked to him it would work. So I walked up to him with nothing in my hands at all, and began discussing things with him. Somehow I ended up catching him admitting to taking that missing child and I caught it in my son's toy microphone that appeared out of nowhere. I took that microphone to the police and they convicted him of kidnapping. I felt good about helping convict a criminal and then woke up.

Why did I dream that? It still makes me feel weird thinking about it.

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