Monday, September 6, 2010

July 2010

So I'm a couple months behind, but I want to make sure this gets posted.

July was quite an exciting month. At the beginning, Brandon, Madyn and I celebrated 4th of July right from home. The fireworks pictures are ones that I took off the TV.

The next day we got up pretty early and went up north to go to Brandon's grandma's cabin. We took his sisters quad up there and all rode around. It was so much fun. I spent 90% of the day on a quad. It was the first time I had ever ridden one, let a lone drive it. We had lunch up there, and then headed back down town at around 5, making it back home safe and sound at around 8.

July 6th, 2010, was Madyn's 4th birthday! I couldn't believe it when I woke up that morning, but my son was 4!! He's such a joy, and so amazing! I had planned on going to breakfast and he got a free rooty tooty jr from IHOP, only he didn't like this plan. Instead, he woke up and was cranky about almost everything. I finally got him to calm down, and then we got into my mom's van and she had tried really hard to hide part of his present..(a yellow smiley face balloon) behind the back seat, but the little stinker saw it and got all upset once again!! So the rest of the ride to Ihop was loud! He unfortunately is still a temper tantrum throwing little boy.

Once we actually got to Ihop and the balloon was placed in those little hands all was right with the world again. We got in, waited to be seated and listened to madyn talk nonstop. Its so much fun hearing all about what is in his brain. We were seated shortly after and all chaos ensued once again. Madyn did NOT want to sit still, and only wanted to see what else his grams had brought for him. So after calming him down once again, we gave him the present. He started tearing tissue after tissue out of the bag, to reveal at the bottom a toy story sticker book, an eric carle board game, and a new toy story jump rope! He was so happy! ...So happy that he didn't want to eat any of the breakfast that was picked out for him. We finished breakfast and headed home. We needed some rest to refuel, from the morning we had just had.

That afternoon when Brandon got home we opened the gift I picked out for him. A package of action figures, a yo-yo, some temporary tattoos, and a stuffed caterpillar. He loved all of them! Then we headed to dinner, which was Madyn's choice. We went to Grimaldi's, a really nice pizza restaurant! It was my first time there and it was so yummy! Madyn agreed! After that we headed to every little boys favorite place....Toys R Us! Madyn got to pick out some new toys! It was so fun to see him picking out what he wanted. Then we went home for the day.

I think overall Madyn had a very good birthday, and I hope he enjoyed himself. :)

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