Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Madyn has had these blocks since he was about 18 months. I believe it was his second Christmas when he got them. His grams got them for him. At first he wasn't really into them, and it was more of a mommy plays with them and maybe, just maybe I'll play with them kind of thing. Now that Madyn is older and we still have these same brightly colored blocks, he uses the heck out of them. He truely lets his immagination run wild when playing with these.

He has built towers and castles and the occasional "block gun" (to shoot the "bad guys" with) ;). I love watching him build with these, and I love helping him build with them. When we get rid of these blocks I'll be a sad mommy. I think these blocks have helped to fuel his immagination.

Without further ado the blocks. . .

I titled this picture "let them be little" because these blocks are made for little kids. My Madyn will always be my "baby" regardless of his age though. I know I'll have to let him grow up (and I am trust me) but he is my first, and I hope we always have a special bond. He's a sweetheart... When he's being good ;)

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