Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today we set out on an adventure. Me, Madyn & My cousin Brandi. Our adventure? To find places to do hers and her future hubby's engagement pictures (YAY!). The day yielded many photo opportunities and I took full advantage of every single one too. Which caused for quite the dilemma when trying to decide which ONE picture to use for today. In the end you'll see that I chose a picture that summed up today.

We enjoyed walking around downtown phoenix, and I really got to see how beautiful that area is. Architectural and cultural. I once lived on that side of town, but when I did it wasn't as "grown up" as it is now. I loved looking at all the buildings and just feeling the buzz of the people walking around town.

It was beautiful.

This little guy decided to hop in the water and enjoy a quick bath. He wasn't affected by me trying to snap the perfect shot either. It was really cool! :)

If you want to see more of the shots from today please check out my facebook! :)


Christina said...

That is a REALLY awesome picture!!!!

Manda said...

Thank youu!