Thursday, June 23, 2011

Everything changes...

I gave my two week notice last weekend. Well, I told my boss over the phone and have to bring it in writing to my shift on Saturday. It most likely will be my last shift with the company. This honestly has been my best job I've ever had. I love my job with every fiber of my being. I have so many customers that have come to the studio and fallen in love with my style of photography or liked how I bonded with their children etc. I am sad that I have to leave them. I hope that I will run into them again in life somewhere/somehow. I have a few that their children are still infants and I was REALLY looking forward to shooting their first birthday pictures. I usually am okay with change, but this change I'm not happy with. I find myself wishing quite frequently I could've saved my money starting way back when I got my first job in 2005, because who knows I probably could've had my own car a long time ago. Oh well. I'm hoping I can stay in contact with my team and that I could maybe go back in the future even for just a weekend a month or something.

The house is still amazing as ever. We got our couches delievered for the family room earlier in the week. They help complete the room so well. I can't wait until we have our entertainment center built! Brandon plans on building this for the family room as he's quite handy with tools and has already been planning this for a while. We also still have to decorate our bathrooms, madyn's room and our room. Compared to our "Master Bedroom" at the apartment we just moved from this room is huge. Our room looks SO "naked"  I can't wait to decorate and fill our house with knick-knacks & treasures. :)

Wednesday I went and picked up the enrollment paperwork to start registering Madyn for Kindergarten!! There wasn't NEAR as much as I had thought there would be. I had it finished in around 10 minutes flat. We have to get a proof of residency form notarized and then I get to turn in the paperwork and then they'll get him assigned to a classroom! I still can't believe this is real. I'm unofficially the mom to a kindergartener! I'm "not" old enough! I'm ONLY 22. I feel like I should still have a few more years with this little person. I'm SO scared for him to start school. I feel like once he starts he's going to change completely. I would *love* if a couple parts of him would change, but his sweetness, and his thoughtfulness and his general personality is just amazing. I don't want our big, bad & scary world to change him. He's perfect just the way he is. I don't usually have a problem sharing, but when it comes to sharing my son, I'm suddenly finding myself feeling selfish. :( Has anyone else felt like this? Am I weird for not wanting to let him go? I feel like once he starts it's "all downhill" from there. I know that there is going to be a LOT of fun things that come with him starting Kindergarten! I can't wait to see and hear what he learns each day. I am excited too. Just nervous is all.

I also am hoping that if everything goes well with me finding a new job and madyn's first "semester" of kindergarten that I will be able to start taking some classes in January! I need to get on that. I want to have a career and not just "jobs." I'm not quite sure what career path I want to take yet though. I do know that I plan on continuing to photograph and not just my son. I'm hoping to start freelance photography in the very near future.

As for tonight I'm just up relaxing and watching tv. If you read, please leave me a comment.


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