Thursday, December 31, 2009

Summary of my 2009

My year started off great!
In January I turned 20 & celebrated it with my family/friends. Brandon took me Ice Skating which I really enjoyed & wished I could do it a lot better.
In March I got my license. . . I was wearing a lucky charms shirt that said "feeling lucky?" on it. . . Kind of Ironic in my eyes.
In May I graduated high school & got my high school diploma! Yay me!
One of the girls I worked with at my first job & my closest friend had her baby girl May 3rd. Little Miss Mia Ana. She's a bundle of joy and I can't believe how big she's getting!!!
In June we went up north to see Grandma's cabin. It rained while we were up there.. . We camped in Brandon's truck tent. It was fun.
When July 6, rolled around Madyn turned 3 years old!!! We had two separate parties this year. One at Brandon's mom's house & One at his gigi's house. He was really good.
After he turned 3 I really started focusing on getting him potty trained.. . This continued to be my primary focus.
In August my friend from high school had her first baby. Mr Andrew Jared! Even though I have yet to see him, from the pictures he's a cuuuuute lil boy!
When September rolled around Madyn & I were living with Brandon again. It felt so nice to be back in bed beside him every night again. There's NO way we'll go back to living apart.
In October we took Madyn Trick or Treating in his little batman costume. . . I swear he was the cutest lil guy out there!!! SO polite and he walked about a mile & a half so he did really good!!!
November was thanksgiving with the families. My cousin Josh was back from Iraq. It was SO good to see him!!!!
December. . . Well this month we took our trip to california. I am hoping Madyn will remember this trip, but even if he doesn't remember we took a lot of pictures and I'm scrapbooking the pictures, so at least he'll be able to look back on them.

In 2010:
Things I hope for Madyn
--begin the foundation for reading by himself,
--get ready for preschool & kindergarten

For Me:
--Lose at least 5 lbs at the most 10.
--I don't want to argue with Brandon.
--Scrapbook More & take more pictures
--take madyn out of the apartment for at least 1 hour
--buy a car
--Save for a house


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Kristi said...

Great resolutions!