Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thoughts about Madyn and school

Time with Madyn that is! He starts school in two weeks! After that life will never be the same again! This is crazy stuff. I will be officially a mom to a kindergartener. To a student! Sheesh. This makes me feel old all of a sudden. I know I'm far from it, but none of my friends have children in kindergarten! lol. Madyn will be in the class of 2024, so long as he keeps up with school and is a good student! ;)

I have a feeling that in school Madyn will be good at math and really athletic. I base these thoughts off the fact that he is always running everywhere he can. He'll get down from dinner and run through the living room/family room area at full speed! His favorite kinect game right now is "kinect sports!" His favorite sport is tied between Boxing and volleyball, although the soccer does take a close 2nd/3rd place. On the math portion of things. . . Madyn has been asking me for weeks mathmatic questions. "Mom, what does 3 plus 3 equal?" "Mom half of 5 is 3!" I mean he's ALWAYS asking or trying to figure things like that out! I hope that I am doing a good job of encouraging him to keep trying to figure out these simple mathmatic questions so that he does stay interested in math! Math was NEVER [still is not] my strong point!

Tonight we hung up a calendar similar to ones that teachers have in their classrooms. With the big numbers! We also hung a chart that will help to teach him the days of the week and the "today, tomorrow & Yesterday" parts of speech. He's started to get it without this, so hopefully he'll understand by the time school starts what "today, tomorrow and yesterday" means.

All in all kindergarten is going to be a great experience for both Madyn and myself! Hopefully, we'll survive the first year of school together! ;)

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