Monday, August 1, 2011

"Replace fear of the unknown with Curiousity"

Such an awesome quote. I swear this was written for me to see! I have such a great fear of the unknown it bothers me sometimes. Especially when it comes to being a mom of a kindergartener. I know I keep talking about it, and if you're reading again you're probably sighing  (I'm sorry!). I haven't been in this situation before so I am scared! Once August 8th comes and goes I'm sure I'll be fine! I mean millions of moms/parents experience this every year and they survive right? That means I will too.

I'm curious as to what he'll learn this year. I'm curious about what kind of other kids he'll be drawn to. Will he focus on school versus making friends? Will he be shy when he's surrounded by all the kids in his class? What will be his favorite subject?

SO many questions! I can't WAIT til next week gets here!

This week will be pretty exciting too! Thursday we have meet the teacher night! Saturday is our house warming party! All the other days I'll be cleaning and organizing and making sure everything has a place so that when Saturday gets here it looks perfect!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and here's to another fantastic week! :)


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