Monday, August 22, 2011

Kindergarten: Second Week

So we've now got two weeks worth of school under our belt. Madyn started week three today and we'll report on this week next Monday!

Last week went pretty well. I'm sure we could've done better, but I'm pretty proud of the progress and growth I'm seeing! Madyn started the week out on a red. He was just very talkative! Tuesday he was absent because he woke up sick! Wednesday was back to school and he had a yellow day that day, However when he returned to school on Thursday he had his first BLUE day! He finished the week out on an orange! Yay! I think he's starting to understand how he's SUPPOSED to behave at school, but we'll see what this week brings.

They [his school] does tests at the beginning, middle and end of the school year. When Madyn was tested he identified 23/30 letter sounds! Yay! When they mixed up the letters, both uppercase and lowercase and had him pick out the ones he knows, he correctly identified 30/51! Not too bad in my opinion! :) I'm happy! I think he's very smart!

He's starting to identify other children as his "friends." He sits next to a girl who's a red head and he seems to play with her at lunch, but there's another lil guy that he plays with too. Its so cute and exciting that he's making friends now.

He still doesn't get why he doesn't go to school on Saturdays and Sundays and says "my friends are going to be sad that I'm not there with them." We have explained that he doesn't go to school  on the weekends, just like daddy doesn't go to work on the weekends.

This week is school spirit week! I am hoping that he has fun with this! Today is pajama day! He's got his new star wars lego pajama's on and he loves them!

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