Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kindergarten: Third Week

We started the week off really good and ended this week on a bad note. A note so bad that I called a behavioral health facility to finally have him tested for adhd/add. Friday he was running around the classroom with the yardstick using it as a lance, stole other kids snacks, pushed a kid on the playground, threw wood chips on the playground, would NOT sit still for one second and he ended up getting kicked out of the classroom that day. This is NOT the kind of behavior I see at home and I really am at a loss for WHY he's acting like this at school. So he does have an appointment to be tested for behavior problems next Thursday!

Last week was spirt week and we had so much fun dressing up for each day. Here are some pictures from last week :)

(Lazy Monday- Wear your Jammies-Madyn's Jammies were star wars legos. He LOVES that game!)

(Tuesday- Topsy Turvy day; Wear mismatched clothes!)

(Color War Wednesday- Kindergarten got to wear BLUE!)

(Crazy Head Thursday- we messed up Madyn's Hair!)

(side/back of messed hair!)

(Falcon Friday- Wear school gear/colors [we don't have any falcons shirts so he wore a gray/black baseball shirt!) :)

(pouty face)

Here are some miscellaneous ones that I took each day. Enjoy!

He got hurt on the playground on Wednesday! Below is the picture of my lil bruiser!

So yes, we're hoping to have a better week this week! We shall see!!

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