Monday, August 15, 2011

Kindergarten: First week :)

We have one week of school under our belts and are on our second week starting today!

Last week started out with Madyn's first day of school. He got there a little before 8 o'clock am.  When we pulled into the parking lot Madyn immediately said "bye mom" as if we were just going to drop him off and let him go by himself!! We got out of the truck and walked him to his classroom, he was instructed to put his backpack on a carpet that has shapes and colors around the border. He then immediately went and played. Brandon and I talked to the teacher briefly and then gave Madyn kisses and hugs and wished him good luck! That day when we picked him up from school he came up to us with a pouty face and said "I had a bad day, I got a yellow". Well at this point we didn't know what "yellow" meant and assumed it was just a warning. We made sure to get the teacher's attention to let her know we were there to pick Madyn up. When she noted us picking him up she said "oh he had a bad day too." Which means he wasn't the only one that had a bad day thankfully. She told us he was wrestling kids to the ground and yelling/screaming in the halls! While this behavior doesn't surprise me it does sadden me! I was hoping he'd have a great day and be a great student. When we got home, we talked to Madyn and told him that behavior was NOT acceptable.

Tuesday was the first day I was to walk Madyn to school. He did great and didn't complain or anything. We got there before 8 o'clock. It took us 31 minutes to walk there the first day. As on Monday we headed in through the office, but was told that to better direct traffic flow and prevent clogging up the office we needed to wait outside by the library until the 8 o'clock bell rang. So out we walked to be by the office. We waited against the wall, I reiterated that the behavior he exhibited on Monday was not acceptable and that he had to have a better day! That day he had an Orange! The scale that they use for behavior is as follows: They start out on Orange, they can either go up or they can go down. Going up they can earn a blue, or a purple or going down they can earn a red or a yellow. We cheered for Madyn and rewarded him with a little lego set! We were so happy to hear he had a great day!

Wednesday he came home from school with an Orange as well! I was a very happy mommy to see he had two oranges in a row! I thought maybe he had started to understand how school works and the rules, but thursday was a different story. He came home with a red on Thursday! Thursday the teacher said he was just disregarding her teaching and talking to other children while she was talking. When she asked him to stop he started crying very loudly (this is usually his "sleepy" cry). Friday was the same as Thursday. When he got home Thursday we grounded his TV & Video game privileges until he can exhibit better behavior at school. Trying to nip this behavior before he gets in bigger grades and it becomes worse!

So today he started fresh for a new week! We again reinforced the kind of behavior that IS acceptable and are holding our breaths and crossing all things crossable that he has a great day!

I'll continue to blog about Kindergarten as the year continues! come back :)

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