Friday, September 18, 2009

F is for Friday

So I haven't posted a blog yet today. I'm not really sure what I want to write about today.

For one thing, Madyn has pooped in the potty 5 times today...I am not sure what is causing him to have to do that so much today, but I hope he's not getting sick. He was sick for a couple hours on sunday, but he quickly got over that.

Today is payday, but I'm not rushing out to get my check because I have been busy the past two days with work, and other errands I have needed to do. So I'm taking today to, do laundry, dishes, and cleaning around the house. I also took some pictures of Madyn being an artist...On paper!! As soon as brandon finds the USB cord I'll have LOTS of pictures to post. So just be on the look out.

I love nap time. I love the quiet it brings, and I love that when he wakes up (normally)he's in a good mood, and can last the rest of the day without too many cranky episodes.

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