Monday, September 21, 2009

A little late

I didn't post yesterday, so I'm posting two blogs today.

Yesterday(sunday) I worked from 11-2, went and got a few groceries with mom and then home to see my honey for a little while. Then at 4:30(ish) Kristen came to pick us up!!!

We had a pool party for work because we made our "numbers." It was so much fun. Even Madyn had a ball!! (literally)..He threw a few over the bosses fence and her neighbors had the blinds open, I was surprised that they didn't come outside after the second ball went over the fence.

It was so nice to be out with them. I got to know all the people I work with on a more personal level & I love them all so much!!!

I got my 1 year pin too!!!! :D I'm SOOOO happy!! It feels GREAT to have been with lifetouch for a year! :)