Tuesday, September 15, 2009

T is for Tuesday

So I actually got called in to work today! I'm working a full shift 9:45-7(close). There are only 4 appointments, so I hope that I can get some walk-ins!!

I have to go to tutor time tomorrow to get Madyn enrolled...I'm kind of nervous because he'll be attending Tutor time as his primary day care. He'll be in the pre-school room!! I'm hoping he enjoys it, and that by bringing him there he'll be able to get more on to a schedule even more than he already is. He's only been to one other day care for one day. He is really ready to go to school, but there are none close enough for me to ride the bus to take him. So for now he'll just go to tutor time.

My fiance is working from home today to take care of him. I love him so much. I'm hoping that this paycheck is at least $150 so I can give it to him for my rent. We shall see.

I have my WIC appointment tomorrow at 1:30 also, so I'm trying to find a ride to that. Hopefully I'll qualify for that (I'm sure I do...) and that way I'll get those checks soon so we can have milk & juice etc.


Rowanmayfairs said...

WIC is great for the most part !!

We get Cherokee Nation WIC..

I get 5 1/2 gallons of milk, cereal, cheese, eggs, PB (every other month), Beans (every other month), 6 jugs of juice *alot more than she will ever drink*

Now that Hailey gets 2% milk..We ALL drink the same milk and 5 1/2 gallons doesn't last all month. But it helps !!

I talked to WIC about giving up some juice for more milk but they said NO.

Sheila said...

Hi I found your blog on GF. I would be happy to follow your blog!

WhisperingWriter said...

I found you on GF and wanted to say hello!

Manda said...

I used to have WIC when Madyn was a baby and when I was pregnant with him, but when he turned 1, I cut the WIC off because I didn't need it anymore.

To my GF's: HI :) I can't wait to read your blogs!!!