Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day

May 31, 2010 was a fun day. Although it didn't happen as I had planned it, my boy and I still had a blast.
We had planned for us to go to my aunts house in the morning, and then leave at 11:45 and go to my MIL's house for the afternoon, and eat there at about 2.
What happened was as soon as I was about to leave the house with Madyn, my mom calls me and lets me know that my aunt wasn't going to be ready for company until noon. So with a quick revision in plans we headed to fry's and picked up some whipped cream and a small chocolate milk for Madyn. We now had an extra 2 hours to kill until we headed to Debbie's house, so we sat down and watched an episode of farscape.
At around 11:30 we loaded up and went over to my Mil's house to have some lunch and relax. The food was good, we had grilled hamburgers and madyn ate a whole (hot dog bun and all)! After eating Madyn & I went to my aunts house where everyone was already about to finish eating. It was nice to see my aunt/cousins, because I don't see them that much. While we were there we enjoyed lots of swimming, socializing and soaking up some rays with the music playing in the background. We didn't leave there until almost 6 monday.
All in all it was a wonderful memorial day! Thank you again to all the MANY past men & women who have fought for our country. Also a thank you to my cousin & the other many men & women who are fighting currently across the world for us!


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