Friday, June 25, 2010

My Dream House

While I'm up late tonight I am watching HGTV and dreaming up my perfect house. I absolutely love HGTV and am counting the days until I am picking out wall colors, and planning bedroom themes for our house, and while I'm not sure when that will be, I'll just keep dreaming. So without further explanation here's what my dream house would consist of:

In the kitchen there would be cabinets like this:

It would have an island similar to this:

however the countertops would have blackgalaxy granite tops instead:

I would have the walls painted this color:

In the living room there would be giant windows similar to these. If it was one giant window from floor to ceiling it would be even more perfect. The floors would be wooden to make it completely perfect.

The paint in the living room would be a nice happy shade of yellow, not to bright and not baby yellow.
In the living room we would have lots of bright accents around the room. I'm thinking bright orange gerber daisies, Yellow couch cushions, and other complimentary colors/accents around the room.

There would be at least two bedrooms, but hopefully 3. We would have 2 bathrooms. One in the master suite, and a guest bathroom. I would love to decorate the guest bathroom in something very simple, but clean.

The color of this wall is what I think would look good in a guest bathroom, with white accents:

White towels, tissue boxes in blue, and other bathroom accessories would complete the clean look.

In the master bedroom, I want a lot of space. I am a big fan of vaulted ceilings:

and of course the more natural light that is let in the room, the better!

As for the rest of the house, thats another day.

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ThePetersonFamily said...

a. i LOVE hgtv...b. My bedroom is that color of green. and c. that kitchen with the black is GORGEOUS