Tuesday, June 1, 2010

june 1st already?!

so today is june 1 2010 which means we're halfway through this year!! It also means that my darling little boy is a month and 5 days away from being FOUR!!! I am anticipating this age, and hoping that it will bring about a whole new attitude change for him. Also, I'm hoping he'll stop wearing pullups at night. He reverted after we got back from california in december and I wasn't too happy. I spent 8 months last year working with madyn to be completely dry at night and now he's back to needing pullups :( gr.

Anyways, I'm still doing swagbucks! Wishing id get more referrals so that I can earn points faster! I have a goal to use my points for my neice and baby things aren't cheap which means I need lots more points.

(450 points=$5 amazon gift card!) :)

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