Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family night!

I worked today from 9-4 and after work I came home to my boys as usual. Tonight was pizza night for dinner. I loved not having to cook tonight and that I was able to spend more time with the boys versus cooking.

After dinner Madyn and I enjoyed some coloring/activity pages out of his cars coloring/activity book. We also played with legos, and had a tickle war.

I love his little hands. They are SO much like my own.

When I went into his room, I found his robot with a mr potato head hat on and monkeys hanging from his hand. :P Silly Madyn!!

Currently he's bathing himself and I'm sitting in the bathroom. He is a fish and probably would spend his day entirely in the bathroom if I'd let him!

I have two days of work left and then I'm off for 6 days. Partially because I'm going to lego land but also because we're short on hours this week!! I will soak up every minute of time with my boys for sure!

Anyways, time to get my fish out of the water!

Night all!

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